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Potter's Wheel Workshop Details


60 minutes

Starts with

Raw Clay

Skills Learned

Sculpting pottery clay with your hands and basic potters wheel techiniques

Finished Product

A vessel uniquely shaped by you.  Pickup at later date after firing.

Potter's Wheel Experience

Have you ever wanted to try to put your hands into wet clay, spin it on the wheel, and watch your creation become a piece of pottery?


New to the Fire Arts Festival in 2023 this workshop to learn hand-thrown pottery sold out quickly.

This workshop will take approximately one hour to complete. As you enter the workshop area, you will be asked to watch a short video to learn how to throw pottery. Following the video, feel free to watch as the artists from JUST THROW SOMETHING teach the previous student the technique. You will then have an opportunity to spend a half hour learning from a potter at the wheel how to create your piece.

After completing your pottery, Just Throw Something will transport your piece to their studio.  At the studio, it will be dried and glazed to your specifications.  There are several choices available.

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