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Iron Scratch Tile Workshop Details

Skills Learned

Instructor guided relief carving, creating a sand mold for casting.


No time limit!
Carve as needed
10 am until 7 pm


Premade ready to carve sand tile
All tools supplied

Finished Product

8"x8" Iron Tile poured and available after cooling

Iron Pour Workshops

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The original workshop that started it all and there is no other place in Michigan to experience it!

Scratch Tile Workshop - This workshop starts with an 8"x8" pre-packed sand mold. These molds are sand mixed with a hardening agent which creates a stable but sculptable surface.  Alien Iron artists pack and make each of these molds in the two weeks before the event.  At the festival, an instructor helps guide you and answers your questions about how to create your design.  All the tools necessary to carve your design are supplied.   Usually, a scratch tile can be completed in 1-2 hours.  There is no time limit though!  We want you to take your time.  This workshop is available for all skill and age levels!

After the carving is complete, Alien Iron artists take your mold and prepare it for pouring.  There are pours each night (this is our second year having two pours, our event has grown so much!).  Your mold is then placed strategically around the furnace.  They lay out the pieces in a sun ray-type pattern with the furnace being the center.  Each piece is leveled and prepared to pour.  At dusk, the blast furnace is fired up!  Iron is heated to around 2600 degrees.  The molten iron is poured into a Crucible and carried to the molds and poured into each.  This process is very hot and dangerous.  Imagine holding 2600 degrees in your hands and stumbling!  Our safety precautions are high for these artists.  We have an experienced iron pour instructor from Iowa to oversee our event.  During the pour, they put a few reactionary molds into the lineup.  These molds create special effects and wow the crowd.  Image snow raining down but it's on fire! (Safely, of course)

Register for a scratch tile carving experience to have your art turned into cast iron artistry. 

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