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Glass Solid Work Workshop Details


60 minutes

Starts with

Molten Glass

Skills Learned

Sculpting pottery clay with your hands and basic potters wheel techiniques

Finished Product

A vessel uniquely shaped by you.  Pickup at later date after firing.

Glass Solid Work Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, you will be guided by artists from Fire Nation and create a solid glass sculpture. Artists work hands-on with a glass instructor to make a solid glass sculpture. They do the hard stuff like adding the 2000-degree molten glass to the rod.  They then guide you through choosing your item's color and any secondary colors. Using all the tools they provide, they help you roll and form your piece.  Once completed your piece is placed into an annealer. This will let the glass cool down slowly from 2000 degrees, preventing breakage. All items will be finished and ready for pick-up the following morning at the registration booth.  Shipping is also available.

Register today!  Due to the annealing process, we have limited workshops available.  Register soon to ensure your spot!  This year you will have the option of heart or round paperweight.

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