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Aluminum Scratch Tile Workshop Details


No time limit!
Carve as needed
10 am until 7 pm

Starts with

Premade  compacted sand tile
All tools supplied

Skills Learned

Relief carving
Instructor Guided

Finished Product

8x8 Aluminum tile, poured as needed and available after cooling

Aluminum Pour Workshops

Scratch tile workshops are also available in Aluminum. In this workshop, you do all the same techniques as in our Iron workshop.  We can offer this workshop at a lower price because Aluminum is easier to melt and less expensive to acquire.


After scratching out your design into your sand mold, they are placed around a smaller aluminum blast furnace.  A smaller blast furnace is fired and the aluminum is melted at a lower temp of 1200 degrees.  Due to the lower melting point, we can pour aluminum more frequently than iron.  These tiles cool faster as well.  Your completed piece is usually ready in around an hour after it is poured. 

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