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Raku Pottery Workshop Details


30 Minutes

Starts with

Pre thrown and fired basic vessel

Skills Learned


Finished Product

A beautiful bowl or vessel with a unique finish

Raku Pottery Workshops

Raku is a glazing technique.  It was first used in ancient Japanese pottery. It has experienced a resurgence by modern potters who appreciate its unique beauty and metallic luster and color.  Each piece is truly one of a kind and cannot be replicated.  Due to the smoke and fire created during the process, it is not a common glazing technique available at most pottery classes.  To successfully Raku a piece you need to have a mobile kiln and several special pieces of equipment.  We are thrilled to be able to offer it at our unique outdoor event with talented instructor artists guiding you.

In this workshop, you choose 2 pre-thrown pieces of pottery.  These pieces have already been dried and fired in a kiln and ready for glazing.  You choose your glaze and paint your pieces.  After the pieces are placed in a kiln and fired to cure the glaze.  While the pottery is still hot it is removed from the kiln and placed in a metal container with organic materials such as leaves, sawdust, newspaper, or even horse hair.  The items are covered with the combustible material and covered. Once the pieces are cooled, they are removed from the containers, washed, and will reveal the rich warm effects of raku.


Register now to reserve your space for this workshop.  Due to the specialty equipment, this workshop has limited space and time available.

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